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You are closer to success than you think

Today, what is most valuable is attention, people spend hours on social networks, searching on the internet, listening to tv, podcast or radio and you need to know how to get their attention. But not just any kind of attention like “ooh look at my new fashion nails” more like the kind that has value, that brings something, that can potentially change the life of the person who consumes it.

You know hundreds of things that I don’t know and I know as much as you don’t. That’s where we can benefit from each other, and where we can make a lot of money from our interests or passions. You see, all the companies in this world and all the ones I founded or operated need attention to survive and you can offer them that.

Now I can hear you saying; yes, but Jim, I don’t have the attention right now! Getting attention is easy, in fact more than you think… and I’m not talking about flipping sings on the side of the road to attract miserable customers in a lousy furniture store. I’m talking about being interesting on a subject you know and love.

The thing that most people who create content forget is that you have 1.3 seconds to be interesting so get to the point. There is often more time spent choosing good words, stretching the content as much as possible to get as many keywords as possible. Today it’s by going the other way around that you will succeed, big time.

Here’s the plan; you create INTERESTING content and don’t waste the attention you’re going to get.

Here’s how to start