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Why not work together?

You get the idea that I like to get right to the point. Here is what changed my life.

When I started to realize what attention was and is worth to business I asked myself; how do I get attention? The fact is, I hate seeing myself on video, I don’t particularly like sharing ordinary photos of me on social media or making up an incredible story to look famous, but I do like connecting with people and helping them move forward. That’s what really turns me on, seeing someone grow up to see them fly on their own and being proud of it like the mama bird who sees her little ones fly away! Poetic, isn’t it?

So here I am, at the beginning of this adventure thinking about how to make a difference?

All this attention that companies are looking for, that’s why at the end? To get more money out of your pockets, to make you promises that make no sense… but what’s the point?

I’ve decided to do the opposite, to take the available attention and help those who really want it. All those gurus, those coach who make you think they have such a fabulous life, those lame online course sellers who have more and more fraudulent techniques to serve you… They just want your money, not your success.

Today I sign up for all the trainings possible in order to write this blog and I try to find the value in all this… But very rarely there is any.

At the beginning of this blog I was sending people to an affiliate link in order to sell them a course I took and in which I learned a lot but I realized with hindsight that if I really want to help more people become millionaires and enjoy life to the fullest we all have to get involved.

Here is what I propose to you; we create together a community to raise us up, where we want to learn from the best, become better and give back.

Every week I’ll email you everything you need to be at the top and keep you in action.

  • A motivational speech from a celebrity, a well-known entrepreneur or an inspirational member.
  • Clear goals for the week and actions to take that will lead to success
  • What’s new to help us reach our goals faster and better
  • Questions and answers from members / Mentors

In exchange you must participate! You must contribute to the community, bring value to other members.

There is no one-size-fits-all mold, so let’s get to the top together.

Yes, there is a fee of 41.99$/month to cover the operating costs and to hire the best people to keep us on top (speeches, goals, research).

No it’s not an amazing sales page, because there’s nothing to really sell. No matter what your status is right now I want to see you live life to the fullest and together we’ll get there, I promise.

pssst; we are already 1200 members and 154 members became millionaires in 2022

I’m always available to discuss or help; [email protected]