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Ok so far you understand that I like to get right to the point. Here’s what works for me and how you can do it easily.

I obviously get all my income from this blog (probably more than you can imagine). I write, I write every day, because I want to, because it’s easy and because I love talking business.

Find a subject you like, no matter which one, forget about the gurus with cheap advice to give you, any subject will do, trust me. You have to keep in mind that, as I told you in the previous paragraph, you have to be able to create value on that topic.

Then go here, buy a domain name that is related to your topic. The more related the better and the shorter the easier it will be. Definitely choose a .com other than that you are setting yourself up for failure. Your hosting is the solid base that you should not miss.

This is the hosting you want to select.

It’s time to shine with your domain.

You don’t need any other option when checking out!

Once done you will create a WordPress site but not just any site, you need the fastest and the one with the least distraction. I use this one and in my opinion it is by far the best.

So install this theme on your wordpress, the advantage with this theme is that there are almost no plugins. Your site will be fast and above all it will come out at the top of google quickly.

So now you are well on your way to success.

You need interesting topics, the ones that people are looking for. To find them you use this tool. Enter keywords that represent your blog and find topics that will get a lot of attention.

Start with the trial, choose this plan

then go to keyword research! , type your blog subject and found low completion keywords and blogpost topic to rank fast. you should choose the one with low KC and High Volume.

Now that you have topics you have to write about but you can cheat a little. I use AI to help me. I created an account here and I enter the topics I found before and my blog posts almost write themselves.

With all the tips I’ve given you you’re already more advanced than most content creators. You just have to figure out how to sell that attention. There are many techniques but the one I like the most is promoting products that I use and love.

Any product or service you use (related to your topic) someone somewhere is buying it. You become the middleman between the attention and the purchase and you are the person who will take a commission on each sale of that product or service.

All you have to do is contact them to set up this system and receive a payment every time you advise someone and help them progress. If you do it right, within 30 days you will have your first payment and within the next year you will make more money than you ever did.

If it’s not completely clear, we can always schedule a call together to get you on track and guarantee that you become a millionaire by the end of the next year.