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The Million Dollar Group Method Review

So another guru who doesn’t apply his own method and hopes to sell you a supposed technique! I bought the book The Million Dollar Group Method, here is what I learned, that even though I paid only 4,95$ to get into their funnel I felt assaulted, my intelligence was assaulted!

I know it’s only 4,95$ you’ll tell me… but it’s not that! I just entered a contiual spiral of low-end up sell.

Landon and Chris From The Million Dollar Group Method

The Content

The Million dollar Facebook Group Method is essentially a book (thank god I don’t have to listen to Landon’s shrill voice on video). The vast majority of the content is to explain how to create a Facebook group to attract paying customers but the techniques to do so are either absent or not very elaborate.

The idea is quite simple, we create a facebook group on a topic related to your business, for example a real estate broker create a group that has for subject real estate investment, then we pay facebook advertising to attract members in our group and finally bribe them to buy.

What The Million Dollar Facebook Group Method forgets to teach you is that the money you spend on attracting potential clients to your group could be 10 times better invested and profitable for your business.

They pride themselves on being able to generate members to their groups for as little as $1 per member in advertising costs and generate a revenue of $5 per member, thus a 5X ROI. The truth is that even if you are as specific as possible about who your members are, only a fraction of them will ever have any intention of buying and by the time they do, they’ll be tired of hearing you beg them to buy your products or services.

A Facebook group is a great way to keep your existing customers and condition them to buy again.

If you want to acquire new customers, make a Facebook ad that leads to a short Jotform, ask maximum 4 questions that are related to your products or services, get their emails. This way, you will always be able to reach them for free, the potential customers will have a close purchase intention and your ROI will be 10X or more (even if we don’t care about the ROI, what really counts is the profits you have left).

Bonus; if your Jotform looks like a fun quiz, your leads will be over the moon

Once your customers have bought, ask them to join your Facebook group and sell them perpetually.

Back to my review of The Million Dollar Group Method

We got a little sidetracked but I just saved you a ton of money.

After convincing you to waste $4.95 on an empty book, they now have your contact information that you kindly gave them with your money, to contact you day and night and tell you about their Prominence Partnership Program.

Obviously what you learned (if you learned anything at all) in the book doesn’t really work and they know it, they sold you a dream and to make it come true they are offering to help you at a high price.

The Prominence Partnership Program is a coaching program where the guys from The Million Dollar Facebook Group promise to help you make $30,000 in sales in 90 days (spending the same amount on advertising). It’s still a meaningless promise but which hooks some fragile people who don’t know where to start to generate customers.

Passing on knowledge (when there is any) should not come with a warning that you may not learn anything and that it may not work, that’s called selling bullshit!

Jim Trepanier | I will give you no bullshit review. If you want to make millions and don’t have time and money to waste, i’m your guy! Click HERE to know my Story. P.S. I have nothing to sell.