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Scott Mcgillivray masterclass; Is this legit?

So you have seen many ads lately on the Scott Mcgillivray real estate masterclass and want to know if it is worth your time and money? The short answer for me is no, but we need some explanation.

Who is Scott McGillivray? 

Scott is a Canadian actor and entrepreneur who became famous for his TV shows on HGTV. He started in 2004 as a contractor and real estate investor, and today he claims to own hundreds of rental properties in Canada.

Everything about Scott McGillivray and his achievements is true and honours him as a great entrepreneur. But I will not talk about that today because my focus is on his real estate master class and Keyspire.

Is this legit? 

The real problem is that you think you’ll buy a masterclass from Scott, but that is not the case. In fact, McGillivray is with Keyspire only for advertising purposes, in my opinion. He is there to give you hundreds of “final reminders” about his course and how to take advantage of the current market to create real estate wealth; all you want to do is tell him to go away from your feed!

I have been following Scott’s real estate master class, and there’s no Scott. 90% of its course is with its “partner,” and if you already have a shit load of money, you will have some guides to start making money. My biggest deception was that I didn’t learn anything new or that I could easily find online for free.

False Review

If you’ve looked at all the reviews you can find on Scott’s Masterclass, you probably already know that more than 75% of them are fake. If you look on the Mcgillivray masterclass Facebook page and take the time to read the review, the majority is completely off-topic.

Is this worth the money?

If you don’t know how the internet works and how easily you can find valuable information that will help you start in real estate. Or if you have a ton of money sitting around and don’t know how to make more. It’s worth the money. Don’t waste your time and money on this “masterclass.”

If you want to learn how to make money, start from zero in real estate, and make a winning deal every time, this is not the right course for you.

What is the best alternative?

If your goal is to start to make money with real estate and have no money, here’s a simple way to succeed that will not cost you a leg and will give you a ton of value;

  • Read everything you can about your market.
  • Find an excellent realtor to work with. ( the good news is that it is free until you start to make money )
  • Be creative 
  • Learn from the best 

Jim Trepanier | I will give you no bullshit review. If you want to make millions and don’t have time and money to waste, i’m your guy! Click HERE to know my Story. P.S. I have nothing to sell.