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My Review of CommissionHero By Robby Blanchard

Robby Blanchard commission hero review

Robby Blanchard, started his career as a crossfit coach and recycled as a high level marketer (joke). No for real, we have to admit that his advertising on his commission hero program is very interesting but what is even more interesting is what he wants you to believe. With his method he will be able to make you generate $1000 a day in revenue… I insist on revenue because to make $1000 a day you will probably have to spend almost as much on advertising.

Unfortunately, what Robby suggests you do in his commission hero program he doesn’t do anymore since the day he created this course, for the only reason that it’s much more profitable to sell the dream of making you rich in your sleep like he does. We have to admit that many people believe in his program because he sells millions of dollars worth of courses every year, with no results for his students.

Robby Blanchard Commission hero review. Is commission hero by Robby Blanchard legit

Although affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of money, the technique proposed by Robby Blanchard is rather poor; you set up a Facebook account in which you will buy advertising to promote the products of company X. What he forgets to mention is that you will have a zero return in the first few months, so for 1$ in Facebook ads you will receive 1$ in commission, and that’s if you are lucky and have the facility with Facebook ads. After months of being poor you can expect a return of up to 1.2X Wow! To be able to generate $10,000 a week you will need to have spent about $8500 on advertising.

Not to mention that once you follow his commission hero program and get on board with ClickBank you will realize that the only profitable program to promote with his technique is his own program! So in the end you pay him to show you how to advertise for him and compete with other commission hero students by doing Facebook ads that will probably end up getting you a bath account.

Finally if you believe like me that affiliate marketing is a good concept but don’t know where to start, you should check this out.

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