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I’m Jim, For the past few years I’ve created and operated different types of businesses; e-commerce, service businesses, hardware stores, restaurants, marketing agencies and even a recruitment agency. Many businesses have been successful and I have been able to capitalize on them and others have been a resounding failure!

Today, as the father of two beautiful children, I want to offer them quality time and activities, working 100% online from where I want and when I want.

I was fed up with having to be always available, answering to everyone and trying to make everyone happy, but why in the end? Life is too short to be bothered to put up with people you don’t even like.

With the experience I have and the number of businesses I’ve made progress, I wanted a business model where I wouldn’t have to answer to anyone and where the income could be unlimited because despite all that I really like money!

So I created this business where I don’t have to sell anything to anyone, I don’t have any client to account for, I don’t have any schedule and the best part is that I manage to help others to do what I do and I don’t even have to charge them a penny!

I hope I can help you live your life to the fullest.

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